Why Mobile Grooming?

There are a number of benefits to mobile dog grooming. As the one of the top mobile dog groomers in Houston, Texas, Lucky Dog Mobile Spa delivers all of these benefits and more. Whether you’re interested in a simple dog bath or require our complete grooming package, here are some of the advantages to our mobile services:

  • No prep time: No hassle getting your dog ready for a day at the groomer’s. Our dog groomer and our salon comes to you anywhere in the Houston area.
  • No driving to the groomer: With curbside service at your home or office, there is no need to put your dog in the car. No need to find parking….no stress or car sickness for your dog and no scratched seats in your car.
  • Sparkling clean, sanitary environment: We clean the mobile grooming spa thoroughly between dogs and between visits. You no longer have to worry about sharing cages, germs or parasites.
  • Stress-free environment for your dog: Our mobile dog grooming salon is free from other dogs.  Grooming services are performed right outside your home in a cage free setting. Your dog receives individual attention for the whole visit.
  • Self-sufficient spa: We do not use your electricity or water. The mobile grooming spa is completely self-sufficient.
  • Individual attention: All packages include an individual consultation where the pet groomer and your pet can get to know each other before the grooming begins. We will discuss all aspects of grooming from coat and skin, to personality, to style! We will work with you to select a look that works for both you and your dog.
  • A long term relationship: Keith takes pride in caring for your family.